Source Code Management

Source Code Managmentis an important piece of the development cycle and we at dcbl solutions have evolved though a number of products. The two we currently make use of are Subversion and Perforce, however CVS will continue to be fully supported. The majority of functionality also works with Microsoft VSS.

What our toolset offers above and beyond the features you would expect are:

  • time tracking based on check in messages
  • bug ticket resolution by check in message
  • generation of build and release notes
  • handling of development, quality assurance, and production configuration

Currently supported bug tracking system include:

  • Spdr Track
  • Bug Zilla
  • Perfect Tracker

DCBL got our event up and linked to paypal over the weekend. We were able to receive donations and have guests purchase their tickets online. We were able to promote our fundraiser through an intensive email campaign at the last minute and were saved by their professional website design! -Patricia Marin - Nurturing Yourself Program Coordinator