Corporate Email Solutions

dcblsolutions hosts email for over 15 different medium sized companies with over 1000 email accounts. We have mail on our system dating back to as far as 1996.

Our email solutions has been developed over a long time. Some of the more advanced features include:

  • Our archiving feature allows information containing keywords or to/from specific email addresses or domains to be flagged and archived. This was originally developed to help one of our partner companies deal with a Law Suit.
  • The Keyword Flagging System was brought about for monitoring Customer Service Representatives interaction with customers and has been tailored to a number of other purposes.

A short list of additional features includes:

  • Virus Scanned
  • Spam filtering almost eliminating spam
  • Shared Contact Lists
  • IMAP support for easy access anywhere
  • Shared Folders Support
  • Advanced Archiving Features
  • Keyword Flagging System
  • Webmail integration into corporate site
  • Web Accessible Directory
  • Simple to add additional email accounts and aliases

Thanks to DCBL we have no need to advertise anymore! All of our clients come from either word of mouth or online searches - with 90% of our new clients coming from the web. The content management also allows us to make last minute changes to our schedule and the ability to pay online this semester tripled our class attendance because it was all automated and I had no papers to loose or phone calls to return!! -Nadia Coates - Arabia Adorned Bellydance Academy