About Development

Under the direction of our clients and partners we have created and evolved a well rounded solution that addresses our client's corporate image, web presence and network needs, with tailor made versatility. The code base is constantly expanding, as we create modules for useful emerging technologies, or ties into existing data sources. Our toolbox has been rigorously tested for functionality, security, and scalability, which is demonstrated in our existing deployments. Functionality that cannot be created using existing features and functions is built relying on previously developed building blocks. The more functionality the core set of procedures have, the more versatile we are in providing your application, exactly the way you want it. We rely heavily on the reusability of the functionality we develop (ObjectOrientatedProgramming).

Creating a tailor made solution for your companies unique problems and needs, at a reduced costs, that can be quickly and reliability be deployed with a totally customizable user interface is what Cipher 1 is delivering on. Though service contacts we are able to have a team that is constantly bringing improvements to the core of our functionality, the effects of which are seen by our clients on an on going basis.

  • Logos, photography, layouts, and digitalizing content.
  • Functionality additions to the web application.
  • Content information and wordage.
  • Translations: Spanish, French, German, Korean.

I wouldn't hesitate to use Evolve Software again, and in fact continue to refer them to just about anyone looking for top notch development resources. -Mitch Solway - President, Single Parent Love Life Inc.