7 Steps to Marketing Success from Strategies for Success.ca # Narrow Your Focus find some common characteristics of your best clients. sit down and really describe your ideal client, business or person. Write it down on a piece of paper as though they were literally sitting across the table from you. as simple as asking where more people who look and act like that or have this problem are. Say "no" to projects or clients who don't fit your profile # Find your Core Difference can be as simple as serving a very tight niche market. the way in which you package your services. It can be in the way you price your services. It can be in an image that is related to your service. It could be your reputation for a special process. *A lot of times people say they provide quality work and fair pricing. Unfortunately, those aren’t differences. Those are expectations. Go out and set up a time to go interview a handful of your clients. I want you to ask them specifically why they buy from you, how they found you, what makes them stay with you, why they refer business to you. Look at your competitors. What do they claim to do that is special? What don’t they claim? Where is your industry not served? These can always be great places for you to go out and recognize nobody is doing something, promising something, putting themselves out as an expert in a particular area. # Package your business name your services or present them in a way that is larger than what they really are people really can relate and attach themselves and be more memorable if they can connect to an image. By that I mean it can be a photo. It can be the color of your trucks. It can be the way you package your products. Those are all great ways in which you can differentiate your business. it gives them one more step in the experience of finding out how you’re different # Create Marketing Materials that Educate create something that I call a marketing kit. It’s a series of documents that can be very flexible, can be personalized easily; you don’t go down to the print shop and print 10,000 of unless you have 10,000 people you want to send it to that day. It’s something you can actually look at specific industries and personalize it for a lead or a prospect. I like to use a pocket folder or file folder that I get custom printed, but it can come in many forms. Then I like to create just a series of sheets. “The Difference.” create a one-page document. Start by sitting down and picking out the three absolute *biggest benefits of doing business with your company or the three absolute ways in which you know you are so different than anybody else Take one whole page and explain how you’re different. Use the actual words and examples that your clients are telling you as to how you’re different. In many cases, it’s little things. It’s not some of the grandiose things we all want to put out there about our years of experience or years of education. In many cases, it has to do with how you treat people, how you follow up, how you clean up, how you actually do the work. It’s something different than anything they’ve experienced. Have a page that talks about your products or services. Just give the basics. I love case studies. Show them a before and after. Every marketing kit should have some story, either about how you got started, how you overcame adversity, how your business came to get into the specific niche that it’s in. People love stories. People relate to stories. Stories build trust. create some document that is in story form that really gets at the heart of what their business is about reading a story about how you overcame adversity or how since you were 5 years old you knew this was the business or industry you wanted to be in, is so much more powerful. Testimonials and client lists are great things to have in the marketing kit, as well as process descriptions. In many cases, people talk about what they do. What if you created a checklist or a description of your system for guaranteeing that they get on-time delivery or they’ll receive the service you provide? Again, the idea is that many people talk about what they’ll deliver. If you’re somebody who can literally present this list or these documents that show and prove how you’re going to deliver, in many cases that alone can be enough to differentiate your business. If you do case studies for different industries, you can personalize your kit by inserting those case studies. Your kit your kit could be even 20 or 30 pages. One of the great things about producing this entire concept and having it in a kit is that this is actually great web content as well. *great web content - Use this content of showing examples, showing processes, having checklists, showing a story, showing your difference, as your home page instead of “Home Page” or “Welcome to our Web Site.” What if on the first page you hit somebody over the head with the three or four things that are different about your business? This can be repurposed in many cases to be great web content # Establish Your Lead Generation Trio You need to think in terms of creating. It can be a teleseminar; it can also be something like “Ten things you must know before you hire an accountant.” It can be a simple one-page checklist. It can be a report. It can be a review of new tools and resources that people in your industry use, such as how to build a dream home for less than they think. It can be recorded material. It can be written material. It can be the form of a PDF document on a website. It could be in the form of something you might mail them. What it allows you to do is to clearly demonstrate a willingness to give or start to build a relationship before you would ever take the step of asking them to buy from you. Your advertising needs to do that. Strategic Business Alliance. - Be very clear about who your ideal market is and what it is that you do of value. You may even go as far as creating tools for them. I have a lot of clients where we will create the co-branded marketing materials. Are there tools like the report, that white paper, that ten-step checklist I talked about that you could create that your strategic partners would like to give out to their clients? Media List - build a local media list. All I mean by that is for you to look at the people who write about what you do. Look at the publications you know your target reads. send them something at least once per month Remember when you’re trying to approach the media is that it’s not about you. It’s not about your company. What they care about is, first off, themselves, their publication, and they care about their readers. What do their readers want to know? Their readers don’t really want to know that it’s your fiveyear anniversary, but they might want to know that your business painted the local senior center for your five-year anniversary. You’ve got to think in terms of presenting, or what we call pitching, stories to the media that you know will be of interest to their readers. They don’t always need to be about you or about your business or about building your business. Build relationships by being active and send them stuff on a monthly basis. Be willing to give. Send information or industry trends. You probably all get publications from your trade or associations that you may belong to. In many cases writers who may cover that beat don’t get those publications. A lot of times you can just take some information, survey results or things of that nature, and forward them. Just to be looked at as a source of information can be a great way for when the story comes up that meets a trend or something happens on a national level where you can become the local source. * In terms of what media to target. Go to your ideal clients or to your clientele and ask them what they read or where they get their information. # Get a Website # Set up a Marketing Calendar

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