Finally a good night at the track in the new car, a number of new achievements:

  • 20 lap average under 12 seconds (11.994)
  • new fast lap of 11.294
  • 30 lap race and qualifier (up from 23-26)
  • and of course finishing second in the B Main * AND the points that go with that.

*What changed? * Well some extra time at the track this week finally got the rear end to stop driving pass the front end into the corners. I would not saying I am happy with the setup currently, but its driving consistently. That consistency squeezed in a couple extra laps… and is best stated by having a 20 lap average that isnt 50% higher then the 10 lap average.

So that explains being at the high side of the old average, which is big… but *where did the pace come from? . To make up another 12s 5 laps is 60 seconds over the course of a race. That time came out of the 25 laps I was doing, or some 2.4 seconds a lap quicker then before – average.

I applied a heavy dose of *Pete Touzer *'s RC driving school… totally changing my lines from pushing out to the edge of the track, to tight and slow in, and fast out – to reduce the total distance around the track and maximizing the power to weight ratio of the car.

Consistency is Discipline. Discipline when someone is hounding you, discipline when you are chasing, and discipline when driving your own race…. Discipline of what? Speed? No. *Discipline of Fast *, which is much more elusive. Fast can be slow into a corner.

*What Next * More of Fast Discipline, obviously. After so much work to tighten the rear, the rear of the car is now too tight, and the car is pushing into the corners, and not cutting in like I would like at the tightest part of the turn… out of the corners I totally loose steering as the car turns into a dragster.

I will revert from 1mm to 2mm of rear wheel base, that should hopefully restore some of the on power steering… Once that is tested… I will go looking for FAST for the apex turns…

Big thanks to Pete – got any other Second A Lap Tricks you care to share?

  Posted: Sunday, January 25th, 4:28pm 11 years ago

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