Tonight got off to a slow start, with a newLi Pocharger and battery to get up to speed, drastic changes to configuration based on asking around, but without tools for measurement…. The motor came unsoldered during the first qualifier… the performance was stellar as you can imagine any electronic appliance functions during a power outage. I missed the second qually waiting for my battery to finish charging the first time… whoot!

In the second round I thought I had the kinks worked out, pulled up to the line after a couple of pre laps on the new lipo battery… and then nothing. Some poking around and it comes to life, I made maybe 10 weak laps and then pulled off to the side in case anything was getting seriously b0rked (and to stop the pain).

So on the chopping block the motor seems but be hung up. I talked to the motor head, Tom, and a couple bucks later I have made some friends, and have a new motor and lender pinion was installed, ready to go for the B Main.

With my smooth start to the night I am starting dead last in the B Main… but three corners in I have put all but one behind me… the car is a beast, snapping from here to there. The new speed takes me by surprise at first, and some close calls with the calls lead to being hesitant, with a point and fire style of driving…. I was able to keep pace for a number of laps, but the new found torque, and my lack there of, lead to the motor ripping the car apart. I managed to limp it around for a not last performance.

The car currently seems to have heavy over steer, particularly under power. Tom recommended tightening up the diffs front and back, perhaps that will make it drive more like an AWD. The spur gear needs to be replaced, and a set of pinion gears seems a next on the list of parts (at cotter pins dammit!)

It is important to be there at the finish line, which with all the troubles on the night, was a major success. It is now a matter of taming the BEAST that is THE GREEN MACHINE and then giving her some manners!

  Posted: Saturday, November 29th, 1:32am 11 years ago

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