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Your Day Is as Good as Your Mindset. Mandy Balak — Ace Class

With so many things out of our control, it's more important than ever to make the most of the hand we have in front of us. Mandy will guide us through #tips and techniques to improve our #mindset so that we can rise through this #globalcrisis.

Why we love her?

  • She built a community of women all across Canada that reaches 500,000 women a month.
  • One of her Instagram feeds was voted best Instagram feed by BEST of Calgary.
  • Most people would not know that she's afraid of swimming with fish and she knows karate.

Mandy invited our readers to the RISE DIGITAL SUMMIT

Here's a review of what Mandy talked about in the workshop today.

  • Mandy talked about a book she's currently reading, "Untamed" from Glendon Doyle
  • Mandy hosts Morning Mindset every Wednesday at 8:30 am on Insta Live Ace Class on Instagram
  • Go back to something you can control as simple as breathing
  • Be consistent with your habits (journaling, etc)
  • Show up for yourself
  • Intentional journaling: How do I feel? How do I want to feel? How do I want to show up for others?
  • There is power in saying things out loud or writing them down
  • We are all leaders, from leading ourselves to our family, etc.
  • You can say: I want to show up for myself
  • You can lead by example, even by your social media feed
  • What are 5 possibilities for my day today? The little things, no to-do lists to conquer, the little successes
  • Example: Water-drinking competition; Getting up and getting outside; Dropping your shoulders; Do nothing for a couple of minutes
  • Mood boosters activities: put on lipstick, put on some music
  • Little things that are “easily” conquered can help with leveling up to the biggest tasks
  • I am grateful for XXX: A milestone for intentional mindset practice; train your mind to look for things that you are grateful for
  • When you're setting your gratitudes don't choose things like health, family, house, etc. Be more detailed: quality times with family, etc.
  • Appreciate things from the smells of flowers to enjoying conversations
  • Daily affirmations: I am XXXX (guidance, give you strength, grace, etc.)
  • I am capable; I'm learning to make better decisions, to communicate; I'm strong; I allow myself to receive
  • Use visual cues: screensaver, post it, etc
  • You can find affirmations/quotes on Pinterest
  • Mandy is hosting a digital Summit on Wednesday with Special Guests: Business Self Care Package
  • Mandy's Toolkit

ABOUT MANDY Mandy Balak has built three successful businesses, working from her living-room floor to generating multi-millions in revenue over the past eight years.

She's created and produced over 1,000 live #events all across Canada, built an iOs app, a magazine and a #community that reaches over 500 thousand people weekly.

Mandy’s motto is “If it’s not a f-ck yes, it’s a no,'' which to her means consistently going all in for her #values so that she can make the biggest #impact in the world.

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