Norman and I had lunch almost every Friday one summer. That was about 20 years ago when I used to run the Friday Lunch Club. A group of entrepreneurs would get together every Friday at a different restaurant. Norman and I really hit it off because he speaks a little Spanish, a little Japanese and a lot of strategy. (I'm doing pretty good with 2 out of 3!)

I reached out to Norman for this project because I thought it would be interesting to hear his perspective. He's helped 1000s of entrepreneurs over the years with his strategic advice. He's the author of 12 books on Canadian military history, and Norman was the historical consultant on the movie Passchendaele, produced and directed by Paul Gross. He's a super interesting guy.

In this episode of Project Lemons-to-Lemonade, Norman shares his knowledge of history and talks to us about how the past might help us manage the future. We also talk about how some companies have decided to stop all "activities" and that might not be the best move for their long term success.

Why we love him?

  • He established Alberta's trade office in Mexico
  • He's the #1Best seller in the history category in Canada, since Pierre Burton
  • Japanese is his second language

Norman Leach – Creative Concepts Inc., Alberta

Norman Leach is president of Creative Concepts MKT, Inc., which specializes in Integrated Business Communications (Public, Government, Media Relations and Event Management) and International Trade development and management. With representatives in Calgary, Alberta; Kansas City, USA; Mexico City, Mexico; and London, England, Norman's experience has taken him from North America to Europe to Asia to Latin America. He speaks Japanese, French and Spanish and brings a true understanding of foreign markets to his clients.

As a consultant, Norman has managed communications and marketing for a large number of companies and non-profit agencies. He has a diverse business background including agriculture, government, non-profit, health care, security, and training and education. He is also a registered Federal lobbyist and a registered lobbyist in the Province of Alberta.

Norman’s successes include establishing the Alberta Trade Office in Mexico City, being President of Grey Cup 2000, acting as an advisor to two provincial Cabinet Ministers and heading up two of Canada’s largest Chambers of Commerce as well as the American Chamber of Commerce – Canada West.

Norman teaches at NAIT and SAIT on the topics of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and International Trade. He has also taught at the Universities of Manitoba, Alberta, Lethbridge, Mount Royal and Grant MacEwan. He has delivered the Forum for International Trade Training and the Nex Pro Program for the Business Development Bank of Canada across Western Canada.

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