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We were recently talking about email automation.

Did you know that for every $1 you invest in email marketing your return will be $38? That's amazing when compared to social media, which is usually $1 to $1.25. It's because you can be so targeted with your information and get it into someone's inbox; in the digital world, it's like gold!

Email marketing is also a soft sell, so it goes over really well if you're sharing valuable content.

If you're already creating great content, you can share that in your email marketing also.

So now the big question.

How do you get your audience to sign up for your offer so that you CAN continue to have that conversation with them?

As you read the topics below, think about how you can create a 500 –1000 word pdf, a top ten list, or a short video that would address a question in your audience's mind.

Brainstorm these topics for your business.

I'm going to share these topics generically and then brainstorm for an orthodontist so you can see how this might work.

  • How to pick the right _______ [solution/profession] for your _______ [target audience's] unique situation.
  • Does your _______ [target audience] have _______ [problem to solve]? 10 things to look for.
  • What _______ [solution] will my _______ [target audience] learn with/at _______ [your profession/place] that they can't learn at _______ [where else can they learn these things]?
  • 10 things our first-time _______ [target audience] notice about their _______ [person/problem] when they get home from _______ [your industry].
  • Is your _______ [target audience] ready for _______ [your industry]? 5 signs that it's time!
  • What to look for when picking _______ [your profession] that specializes in _______ [problem].
  • 10 Questions for your _______ [your profession]
  • How do I know when my _______ [target audience] is ready for _______ [solution you provide]?
  • What is the right length of time to _______ [solution you provide]?
  • How will I know if it's _______ [target audience's fear]? 5 key procedures/metrics that every _______ [your profession] should have.
  • Preparing your _______ [target audience] for _______ [your profession].
  • Understanding _______ [something your target audience is unaware of] used at _______ [your profession].
  • How are _______ [solution] different from _______ [another solution]?
  • What kind of people make the best _______ [your profession] for _______ [target audience]?

To show you how to fill in those blanks, here's an example for an Orthodontist

  • How to pick the right orthodontist for your child's unique situation.
  • Does your child have crooked teeth? 10 things to look for.
  • 10 things our first-time parents notice about their kids when they get home from the orthodontist.
  • Is your child ready for the orthodontist? 5 signs that it's time!
  • What to look for when picking an orthodontist that specializes in narrow airways.
  • 10 Questions for your Orthodontist
  • How do I know when my child is ready for braces?
  • What is the right length of time to have braces?
  • How will I know if it's safe? 5 key procedures that every orthodontist should have.
  • Preparing your daughter/son for the orthodontist.
  • Understanding the technology used at the orthodontist.
  • How are kids braces different from adult braces?
  • What kind of people make the best orthodontists for kids?

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  Posted: Thu Jan 23rd 2020 1:00pm  2 years ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Dafne Canales

Founder and CEO of the innovative digital marketing software company, Spartan Spark, Dafne Canales Lees has earned her reputation as the Data-Driven Digital Storyteller. Her 7-Second Trust Formula uses behavioural marketing strategies to create client trust via digital marketing platforms for a more personalized user experience that translates into additional sign-ups, sales and increased profits.

A member of the Neuromarketing Business and Science Association and the Society for the Advancement of Behavioural Economics, Dafne travels monthly to California to attend meetings with her advisory board. A sought-after speaker and facilitator, this creative innovator never stops giving of her time and talent, even teaching corporate in-house marketing teams the latest digital marketing strategies.

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