Software Release Notes

Software update: V. 6.18- 6.23


We've focused on software updates to make publishing easier. We've made it so that our graphic designers can load images into the new website without the help of a technical person. For the first time, the graphic developers are now able to play with the canvas themselves. And in Bernie's words, "Instead of communicating via telegraph," they are able to change colours, fonts, sizing and spacing. This also gives us the ability to create live "mock-ups" for the client, which helps in streamlining the approval process for the client.

  • Feature: removed .lead class on indexWelcome snipplet
  • Feature: passthru favicon and apple logos from s3
  • #9919 Bug: Build - Loading logo to dark background not working
  • #10038 Bug: Configure "Blog" Title in Build
  • Security: use urlJoin all over the place for safety


We've focused on showing the most recent comment for all users on the CRM dashboard, along with some added functionality, to save the user from going into individual clients. The CRM is now ballistically fast compared to the old one.

  • #10180 Bug: Blog says Need to save form after clicking update
  • Speed: rbn-cms upgrade and new DISTINCT for comments


We've made a collection of SEO improvements based on the analysis of the biggest problems across all sites. We fixed the top 10 list from SEM Rush across the board for all clients. We added the ability for the content team to create keyword sections and re-categorize pages across all client websites.

  • #9516 P2 Feature: make section names - display name
  • #10109 Bug: Error when uploading jumbotron
  • fix: for blog posts further in the past
  • Security: better error logging in server.js, hardening two routes


Lead opportunity, score and value are automatically assessed depending on the lead source. We've also added geo ip tagging to prioritize the highest priority customers. Spartan One machine learning continues to be developed in this area.

  • #9670 Feature: Regular Leads should be P2. W2W P5


Landing page forms have been streamlined. 11 different proprietary forms are now always available to all clients and configurable.

  • #4014 Feature: Client Survey Rating SS Performance.
  • #9531 Feature: Mark all W2W Leads as P5
  • #9463 Feature: Integration with Hubspot
  • #8908 Feature: New Form - Add Company and Position
  • #9335 Bug: Facebook Ads - Landing Page Pop Up Disapproved
  • #94 Bug: Build: Contact Us - no group forms
  • #9869 Bug: Forgotten password working even if not matching email exists
  • #8810 Bug: Marketing Assessment - email template - missing fields (order of operations)
  • #4299 bug: fixes for Facebook lead import
  • #4299 bug: wire up last part
  • BUG fixes for studio/signup page company_id not set
  • BUG: fix for post-login URL not having options available
  • Style: removed use of small tag (but keep .small class) - ul inside small not allowed
  • Security: updated staff and blog pages to fix promise issues
  • Reorg: moved a number of routes under CRM, and misc changes
  • Reorg: include userpositiontitle in simple user
  • Reorg: removed studio date, fixed submitJob/Resume, fixed setData vs setData, updated userlead_score/values


There has been a major refactoring of proprietary form code. Code reduction using JSInspect and other tools.

  • #8856 Feature: Dentist & New patient- contact us form
  • #9206 Feature: changed pricing to snipplet instead for studio/signup
  • #8973 Feature: Wiki: Who We help - testimonials at bottom
  • #8946 Feature: Add blocked and deferred hours and subtract from total
  • #9100 Bug: Newsletter - Pay it forward giving errors
  • #8810 Bug: Marketing Assessment Post Missing
  • #9100 Bug: Newsletter - Pay it forward giving errors
  • #8520 Bug: volunteer submission email not sending
  • #7590 Bug: Mousetracks jobSubmit Error in Template
  • #8810 Bug: Marketing Assessment Post Missing
  • #8539 Bug: Ticket - Fix Completed By Date
  • Security: show bcc on contact emails logging
  • Security: removed clientDataDir and clientdataRoot in favour of process.env.CLIENTDATADIR
  • Style: made association logos bigger
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End to End Marketing Process

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The Spartan Spark Process

Spartan Spark helped me take my site, that was already 7 months in development and basically re-build it in 7 weeks - and rocked! -Mitch Solway - President, Single Parent Love Life Inc.