Software Release Notes


Hello Clients & Spartan Spark Fans! It's time for another summary of our software updates.

A ton of great new features in this release. Updates to the blog manager and "social only posts" and some updates to dropdowns in the lead dashboard are just some of the fun updates in this release.

What's exciting about this release are the upgrades to the blogs and social articles. For our full-serve clients, your objectives now show up in the blog area, as well as the monthly campaigns, so our writers can do their work more efficiently and keep producing all that great content for you.

Now with "social only posts," there are new features that make the workflow easier so that we can continue to use our awesome processes to deliver some pretty cool posts on your social media and help you with your brand visibility using the 7 Second Trust Storytelling Formula.

For those clients who are on the self-serve model, what you'll notice is that your content creation is more streamlined, and it's easier for you to see what your themes are each month.

Updates to our website forms mean we're seeing less spam come into the CRM (customer relationship manager), so you're not constantly having to press "burn burn burn" in your leads dashboard.

Based on client feedback, we added dropdowns to all the leads in our CRM so that you can now set the priority level and the lead value (how much that lead might be worth). Now you can focus on your best leads first!

Those are some of the highlights of this release. Over and out.


  1. In the continued fight against SPAM, we have added Recaptcha v3 (invisible) support to almost all forms, and other minor refinements to previous form work.
  2. Improved our process for posting Social Posts by including more information about client objectives and a preset list of Hashtags for use per campaign.
  3. A number of refinements to the CRM to aid Estimation and workflow through the Lead Funnel


  • #8946 P1 Feature: Add blocked and deferred hours and subtract from total
  • #8968 P1 Feature: Contact us page: form text
  • #8977 P1 Feature: List of MUST HAVES for abstracts above social abstracts
  • CRM set User LeadScore/Value added, quick set options added to CRM dashboard
  • overestimated is not 1.1x instead of exactly equal in Ticket System
  • #7532 P2 Feature: Add Recaptcha to newsletter page
  • #7008 P1 Feature: Newsletter; Needs top and bottom sniplet


  • moved testimonial below product offers in long footer
  • add missing twitter Hash Tags
  • status update to include missing pages and other cleanup
  • fix for login button outside of form
  • http Forward working with cloudfront-forwarded-proto instead
  • improved logging, lodash replacements and build fix for focused test

Defects resolved

  • #8810 P1 Bug: Marketing Assessment Post Missing
  • #7590 P1 Bug: job Submit Error in Template
  • #8520 P1 Bug: volunteer submission email not sending; added "private" to form pages, added missing recaptcha/csrf fields in donate/volunteer
  • /status page returning right information, dbVersion fixed, startup Seconds shown
  • facebook webhook fix
  Posted: Sun Dec 29th 2019 11:00am  2 years ago

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