Software Release Notes

Tons of new releases this month. Now, we're onto Version 6.16 of the software development updates.

In this summary, I'll explain 3 of my fave updates from this release.

I'm excited to report that we're now able to integrate with Facebook Leads. We've been manually downloading them up to this point, twice a day sometimes so that our clients can follow up with the leads as they come in. Naturally, the sooner our client can follow up, the faster they're able to close the sale. Now, it'll be happening in real time. This is a huge win for Spartan Spark as we continue to deliver a lead generating system that does well with the search engines and now Facebook Leads.

The second feature comes from my visit to Silicon Valley when I was fortunate enough to meet with some fantastic people at DocuSign, Jennifer Wong and Scott Fisher. Over lunch, we brainstormed how I could integrate Docu Sign into some of our projects. We found a unique use for it in the Cannabis space, and here we are — we finished the development for the integration.

The third update that affects our marketing and design is that we're now able to add a 4th box or offering to the main page of our clients' website, as we have done for one of our new clients from Silicon Valley The four offerings the client has, are shown across the bottom of all pages on the website, and there's a toggle to turn them on and off.

That's it for our summary. As usual, you can geek out below for more technical goodness.


  1. Major upgrade from Node 10 to Node 12, the next Long Term release. We did this because we found the memory usage was much better with our dynamic memory configurations used per client.
  2. Support for 4 projects on the homepage was added (4 product offers) instead of 3
  3. Facebook webhook integration released for alpha testing
  4. Docu Sign integration service completed
  5. Large number of smaller SEO, SPA, PMA issues and other minor issues observed in products fixed


  • #4299 P1 Feature: API: Download Facebook Leads, Upload to Dashboard - better logging
  • MAJOR: upgraded to node 12 for better docker memory usage
  • MAJOR: support 4 products on homepage
  • MINOR: crm setUserLeadScore/Value added
  • MINOR: added tickets_docs routes
  • MINOR: added docusign-sign service
  • MINOR: Ticket Project Documentation added


  • #8714 P1 Operation: SEMRush Warnings - Aug 15, 2019
  • Log message improvements for Facebook hooks; made error logging more unique

Defects resolved

  • #8520 Bug: volunteer submission email not sending; 0 collection of form changes to be more consistent
  • #8520 P1 Bug: volunteer submission email not sending
  • Fix: Facebook webhook
  • Fix: tickets
  • Fix: mailer fixes found in logs
  • Removed Developer app
  Posted: Thu Sep 26th 2019 10:00am  2 years ago

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