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Version 6.10, July 7, 2018 Release Notes

The public websites got greater customization from a number of new snipplets being added, along with a lot more space to breath, based on feedback from Richard Marsh of We snuck in the first draft of customized font support, which we continue to work on.

We also focused on cleaning up all the errors we could find in the production environment. To accomplish that we had to improve the logging, and now all log messages are qualified with codes.

One of the major goals of this version was to split from a monolith into a number of micro apps, based on previous work that has been in process since January. To this end, we converted from one massive app to 1 core framework + 5 node apps + 6 angular apps and removed the legacy browser dependency


  • #906 P1 Feature: Using CORS policies to implement CSRF protection
  • #3889 P2 Feature: Week number should be separate from the title
  • #1800 P3 Feature: Added project priority 1-5 to help sort
  • #3540 P2 Feature: Added user creation/update date to download
  • #3790 P3 Feature: Dynamic Character Count for Abstracts
  • #4009 P4 Feature: Converted casper tests into protractor tests, removing casper/wendy
  • #2768 P3 Feature: Clicking a Click-to-call phone number initiates a call
  • #3857 P3 Feature: Thin content: snipplet at top and meta description
  • #0733 P4 Feature: Enforce Lead Value after status becomes Estimated, userleadscore required for Qualified
  • #3760, 3762 P1 Feature: /blog page needs meta description i.e., /blogArchive, /contact, /requestQuote, /requestOnSite
  • #0949 P1 Feature: Able to join multiple newsletters anonymously
  • #4100 P4 Feature: Huge number of protractor tests for apps added
  • #4129 P1 Feature: Ability to change who blog is written by.
  • #2797 P1 Feature: Option to color text differently
  • #0 sentiment added to the backend
  • #0 updates to Estimated Hours and Billed Hours now work better


  • #4047 P2 Bug: /staff/username* page leaking future blogs
  • #4080 P2 Bug: Lead score with a 0 and .5, set to 1-5 instead
  • #3852 P2 Bug: Companies can't be marked inactive
  • #3322 P5 Bug: uncaughtException: userCreated.addComment is not a function
  • #3710 P2 Bug: W30 Many user downloads were missing csv file


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