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Sparking websites to top spots on search engine pages is a highly desirable skill.

The algorithm developed by Spartan Spark does just that by meshing with Google's existing search algorithm. And in case you were wondering, websites powered by the Spartan Spark platform have reached sub-1-second page load times (which is incredibly fast!!).

The team at Spartan Spark have complemented the algorithm with a full suite of marketing software.

Dafne Canales Lees, CEO of Spartan Spark, uses the software to generate those all-important leads for her clients. Strong leads paired with top spots make for successful clients and that's the name of the game, right?

So, it's not surprising that Dafne has been nominated for a 2018 Startup Canada Award, celebrating outstanding achievement in Canadian entrepreneurship.

Congratulations, Dafne! We know it's been a journey that began as a child of Chilean immigrant parents, growing up in Libya. She now continues her journey as the proud mom of two boys in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As Dafne, like many women, balances the pressures and challenges of work and family life, she is living proof that Canada does not limit the empowerment and achievement of its women.

And, frankly, a woman-run, Canadian technology company is rare.

Even rarer are women who are developing SEO algorithms. Yet Dafne's company is not only stable, it is growing. From an initial 2017 staff of just 2, Spartan Spark now numbers 7 co-workers, networked across North America.

Time to rest on her laurels?

No way! Dafne continues expanding and refining the products she offers. She has a goal to teach her Shameless Marketing workshops to 1000 business owners/entrepreneurs on how to generate leads using both technology and her proven process. She's also running personal branding experiments and sharing them with entrepreneurs who are interested in learning how to do them themselves in her "Market Like Your Life Depends on It" Series. Psst: It's a new Facebook Group that anyone can join. So jump right in there.

Dafne's also got her eye on doubling Spartan Spark's revenue by the end of 2018. In addition, she was recently on a government-sponsored trip to both China and Europe, exploring global tech innovation opportunities.

Besides her own business, Dafne is passionate about empowering others, especially women.

  • Hearts and Heels founding member. The mission? A network of business experts to support female entrepreneurs in Calgary, so they can grow and sustain their companies.
  • EO Accelerator Board member for 2 years. The mission? To give entrepreneurs the tools, accountability and community to powerfully grow and master their businesses. The scope? At the moment, 50 cities worldwide have such programs.
  • Free, 45-minute marketing workshops for budding entrepreneurs all the way to corporate boards.

Now, that's what we call an award winner!

We're rooting for you, Dafne!

Readers, you will be the first to know how it all turns out (well, really the second as Dafne will be the first).

But no matter what, clients whose websites are powered by Spartan Spark are already winners… and they know it.


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