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I recently had a heart-to-heart with a customer who was evaluating Spartan Spark vs other options on the market. The potential client asked some really great questions and I wanted to share a few snippets of our conversation, to give our readers more insight into what we do at Spartan Spark (apart from being great.)

Did I win the contract? You bet I did!

- Dafne Canales Lees, Spartan Spark.

There's no reason why you shouldn’t be on Page 1 of Google.

When you run a decent-sized company and have several locations, you should be on Page 1 of Google.

What happens sometimes is that your online presence hasn’t caught up to the growth of your company.

We often work with companies that have their own in-house marketing person (usually named Glen) or often the entire marketing team.

The way that Spartan Spark integrates with our client's team is by becoming your “partner.” It's like having us in-house (as opposed to outhouse). We just do it remotely because it's all done online. The team at Spartan Spark sets your digital marketing foundation, letting your marketing team interact more with your audience. That's very important.

We support you with systemized methods to:

  • boost your online reputation
  • help you show up on social media and around the web with the goal of bringing people back to your website so that you can get leads and/or sales

Your existing marketing team usually serves to:

  • answer questions about the company,
  • post the minute-by-minute things that are happening in the company and with your customers
  • continue using the methods that have worked for them in the past

What’s unique about the way that we work, is that all the articles we write are gleaned from conversations with your experts. We use your existing resources and knowledge to show off what's great about you, using your own words and your own examples.

- Dafne Canales Lees, Spartan Spark

We Bring a Team of Experts

Think of the team at Spartan Spark as your digital SWAT team, but with no weapons or body armour. We have an entire team in place: advertising specialists, top notch graphic designers, analytical social media managers, seasoned journalists, quality assurance proofreaders, educated SEO specialists and passionate programmers, to name a few, all working towards a common goal.

That goal is increasing your online presence and more importantly, our strategy is about getting leads and ultimatley sales - it's not just about branding.

Each team member has been handpicked, bringing years of experience the the table. They go through our rigorous onboarding process and they understand what the greater vision is: to work as a cohesive team, to increase our client's leads and sales.

Spartan Spark brings a great partnership to enhance what you’re doing inhouse.

Optimized Marketing & Sales Funnel

We have essentially taken the entire online sales funnel and broken it down into different components, and assigned a different person of our team to each one to make sure their area is as efficient as possible. At the same time, we collaborate as a team, working together towards a common goal - meeting your marketing goals.

We leverage the Spartan One platform to drive those results.

Marketing Meets Technology in a Unified System

So Spartan Spark is unique because we’re both a marketing company and a technology company. On the marketing side, we’ve studied and tested what works to get conversions; and on the technology side, we provide what you need: about 20 different apps and tools. That's why we built our own unified system.

Our focus is end-to-end on lead conversion.

What does Success Look Like?

Success is a smooth user experience with as few clicks as possible to get you to your goal - a sale. Our process is iterative, so we’re constantly testing and refining everything we do on both the marketing and software sides.

Success is having a platform/technology that can scale as your business grows, or in the case of a business with larger operations, matching what your organization has already accomplished on the business side with the most effective technologies.

We're Spartan Spark: Sparking Your Business to Greater Heights.

Can you handle all the leads Spartan Spark will bring you?


  Posted: Fri Apr 20th 2018 12:00pm  4 years ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Dafne Canales

Founder and CEO of the innovative digital marketing software company, Spartan Spark, Dafne Canales Lees has earned her reputation as the Data-Driven Digital Storyteller. Her 7-Second Trust Formula uses behavioural marketing strategies to create client trust via digital marketing platforms for a more personalized user experience that translates into additional sign-ups, sales and increased profits.

A member of the Neuromarketing Business and Science Association and the Society for the Advancement of Behavioural Economics, Dafne travels monthly to California to attend meetings with her advisory board. A sought-after speaker and facilitator, this creative innovator never stops giving of her time and talent, even teaching corporate in-house marketing teams the latest digital marketing strategies.

End to End Marketing Process

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