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How Bouncebacks Work in Spartan One

Mail is a huge part of any organization, and sure, SMS is stepping into the ring for some traditionally email-only services… like password reset and notifications… email is still as mission critical as ever.

Tailoring our messages to follow best practices

Spartan Spark has put a lot of effort into tailoring our messages to follow best practices, and we continue to update to best practices as they evolve.

We are big on newsletters to keep customers engaged in our services, events, and other offerings… but if you send out 70k emails, you can expect you are going to get some bouncebacks.

We have used a number of service providers but we are currently using a mix of AWS SES and Sendgrid to deliver email. Our current reputation is over 96%, with a delivery score exceeding that.

Part of our mail magic is rebottling Sendgrid

Part of our mail magic is rebottling Sendgrid, which protects us by managing a massive list of accounts they know are bad, and which allows us not to resend to accounts that have not been delivered to for non-temporary reasons (account doesn't exist vs. mailbox is full).

We then have a robot that queries the list of bounced and invalid emails across all of our customers and updates those accounts with details, generally marking them inactive.

For the mail that eventually fails, after a number of retries on non-temporary failures, the mail server sends a reply, usually about a day later.

1. Create a new folder for invalid emails.

2. Move all the rejected emails into the folder.

3. In our platform, log in to the CRM > People > Import > Import from Gmail.

4. You might have to go through some authentication steps the first time to connect to your Google Gmail account.

5. Once complete, you should select the Invalid folder you created previously in the dropdown and import.

6.This will present a list of the email addresses and names of the people in that folder with everyone selected by default.

7.Select the mail list that was sent out and unsubscribe the users.

This will remove them from the mail list so that the next time it is sent out those people are not included.

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